Life After The Remix

“Boy oh boy it was one hell of a ride. Truly it was a crazy super fun experience for me.” – NSG

There was a time in my life where I entered a TV show. That time it was a unique TV show made by the BBC called Upstaged! It was a really unique experience in my life where you had to perform for 6 hours in a glass cage. It was quite something, an experience: I DJ my own materials, We rapped and we also did many performance and talking to the camera. It was also my first time in Bristol. Alas during that time I did it for the experience and such an experience it was.

A few years have passed and an older, wiser and exprienced NSG. An oppertunity came by in a form of a similar reality talent show called The Remix. This time around, I took this oppertunity because of many reasons.

One thing I learn in this show was preserance  and leaving the show and returning to my work with NSG Music Recordings made me realise how greatful I am to have had what I accomplished with music. I realise one crucial element of myself that will soon become sure definition of my personality. Though the stage feels comfortable I feel like I belong in the studio writing music. Not any music but my own music, my own songwriting working with my own artist and most crucially important working with people with the same philosophy and approach and passion patients with music. Delet and most crucially working with people with the same philosophy and approach and passion for music.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity. But I am 100% happy to be back making music, working in my dream space and working with my passion.

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