To the Kids Inside Us (A Letter From Willy Winarko)

We are all misfit kids trying to find our way home.

Dear WW Armys,

I’m writing this personally to inform you that my new album titled “KIDS” is now available on digital music platforms (please stream and buy it!). Consisting of 10 tracks, I want you listening to this album to remember your early youth.

Imagine life without expectations? Doing everything you loved like when you were little kids.  Always curious, continuously learning, doing new things, growing, and fearless. In our current lives, we have become numb to who we really are. We let other people control how we act, how we dress, how we think, and what we should do. We care too much about other people’s words, instead of hearing what we really want in our hearts.

I want you to remember your eight year old self, those good old days when you did things that made you feel happy. I want you to go back to the days when you were intrigued by the world. Go back to the days when you wanted to explore the horizons and find meaning. We did not care about money, status, wealth, or anything. We cared about life, and where it would take us.

I wrote this album to make you remember how you felt doing the things that you love. I want you to take a chance, I want you to come and be great, I want you to become everything you have ever wanted instead of listening to what everyone else told you.

We are not living in this world to be cool.
We are not here just impress people with material things.
We are not here to follow orders, save your paycheck, pay bills, and die.
We are alive to be free, to enjoy freedom, happiness, love , family, and be the best person we can be.
You should make stupid mistakes, look foolish, be brave, and don’t be afraid to show the world you really are.
Be proud of your imperfections, and just live happily.
We are all misfit kids trying to find our way home.
Don’t let anyone’s words control you.
Don’t let fear control you.
Don’t let money control you.
Believe in your heart, and be amazing.

I hope this album will be meaningful to you and inspires you.


Willy Winarko


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