NSG (Feat. Willy Winarko & Jayko) ‘See Me on Fire’

“See Me on Fire membawa energi besar untuk menjadi amunisi semangat bagi yang mendengarkan”

See Me on Fire merupakan karya kolaborasi apik antara musik yang menghentak dari NSG, vokal dan lirik yang membakar dari Jayko dan Willy Winarko. Dengan warna musik Trap/Hip-hop yang dinamis dan lirik yang memotivasi, See Me on Fire membawa energi besar untuk menjadi amunisi semangat bagi yang mendengarkan. Semoga See Me on Fire dapat menyulut api keberanian di dalam dirimu sehingga kamu bisa meraih apa yang menjadi tujuanmu dan membungkam mereka yang menyepelekanmu. See Me on Fire dapat dinikmati di gerai musik digital terkemuka mulai 15 Januari 2021.


Artist NSG
Featuring artists Willy Winarko & Jayko
Title See Me on Fire
Writer Willy Putra Yudha Winarko & Jayko
Producer Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG)

Stream See Me on Fire: http://smarturl.it/NSGSeeMeonFire

See Me on Fire Lyrics:

you will see me on fire
oh this is murder we about to make a kill again
chigga told me i should get the stick and kill a man
ha yo thats that super villain theme music coming to you live
jungle vibes got a scream to it
i cannot slow down im reppin my Js im reppin fire I am running it
Im on my way Im on the way I cookin my bars and they bookin it
fuck in all the way crazy better hide for your safety
these boys I smear them on my mamas pastry munchin them like its the bakery ah
fuck it i gotta be ready my family needs money my squad needs a safe
finding the history NSG with me Im breaking the coast we’re riding the wave
Now I just got me a grenade pull out the pin and I swallow it bang
blow me up blew up and blew up the plans now i got me the whole world in my hands yo

you will see me on fire
you can never ever stop me no
you will see me on fire
watch me turn to a monster no

what is with all of the hate
i cannot hear what you say
sorry to say
i cannot be what you say
i am too hot for you lames
take it away
i have no time in the day
i have too much to be gained
my energy drained
there is too much to be made
there is too much to be paid so
fuck is you sayin
you have too much time in your day to be sayin my name
get you a job get you a house get you a spouse
get you some M’s
get you a raise get you a bentley bet you a bens
then maybe then you can worry bout me ok
I am a freak of nature
I am a beast I feast on my enemies
I have no negative energy
My angels sings to me heavenly
voices in my head telling me I am the greatest
that will ever be they will not succeed in holding me
I will break eventually

hol up hol up hol up i just had a few
whassap whassap whassap whatcha gonna do
pull up pull up its me and my crew
now we dont give a fuck tell em what you gonna do

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