Christo Edgar ‘Cold – EP’

“Overall, the topics that we cover in this EP is a very Gen-Z problems. Starting from overthinking issues, commitment issues, toxic relationships, etc.” – Christo Edgar

Christo Edgar has finally putted out his first EP on March 11, 2022. The project is long-overdue since Christo Edgar stepped into the music industry after winning the first place on The Voice Kids Indonesia 2016. It took almost six years for Christo Edgar to finally settle down with what he wanted for the direction of his music career. With the help from Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG) and Jonah Sithole, the talented young singer is now ready to begin his journey in music scene and releasing dope music for his audience. Cold, the first EP from Christo Edgar contains four songs with two previously released leading singles, Stuck and Do What You Came For. The EP cover up the most common problems of today’s youngster such as overthinking issues, commitment issues and toxic relationships. “I’m not saying that these things have only been experienced by my generation, what I’m trying to say is that my generation is in a phase where these issues are such a common thing to experience.”, said Christo Edgar about the theme of his EP. Not only putting his mind and soul on the music and the theme, Christo Edgar is also in hands on the creative side of this project. He then stated, “I consider myself as a new artist, and the color white represents a blank canvas. This is a new beginning for me. I also want to associate this artwork with something familiar so I took lots of inspiration from the early 2000s era. Britney Spears’ In the Zone, Evanescence’s Fallen, and Missy Elliott’s Miss E… So Addictive are my top 3 inspirations for this artwork.’.

The main single from the EP is titled Cold. The song captures the mental and emotional conflict that a young person might experience when they are in emotional state due to silent treatment. Christo Edgar explained the story behind the song, “When NSG gave the demo of the song and he said the title would be Cold, I immediately thought about silent treatment. So, I wrote everything based on that idea. I personally think that silent treatment is the worst type of emotional abuse. I hate it when I’m fighting with someone and they refuse to communicate.”. This new single from Christo Edgar is an evolution of his sound. The artist has made an evolution to something more edgy, sexy and emotional. It’s an exploration of personal experience that many of us can relate to. Hopefully the song could speaks to his Gen-Z audience and perhaps it can expand to wider audience.

 Tentang Christo Edgar

Christo Edgar, penyanyi kelahiran kota Bandung, 22 Desember 2002, merupakan seorang penyanyi dengan warna vokal yang khas dan unik. Ia adalah pemenang ajang pencarian bakat The Voice Kids Indonesia di musim pertama tahun 2016. Selain itu Christo Edgar pernah berkontribusi dalam proyek Musikal Laskar Pelangi (2012) arahan Riri Riza dan Mira Lesmana serta Di Atas Rata Rata (2013) asuhan Erwin dan Gita Gutawa. Sekian tahun berselang, kini Christo Edgar siap kembali meramaikan skena musik Indonesia dengan membawa banyak kemajuan. Selama beberapa tahun terakhir, Christo Edgar menekuni lebih dalam tentang teknik olah vokal sekaligus belajar menulis lagu dan menemukan warna karakternya sendiri. Dengan dukungan dari Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG Music Recordings) sebagai produser dan Graham Perkins (Open Door Artists) manajer yang berbasis di Inggris, Pada Januari 2022, Christo Edgar meluncurkan singel perdananya yang diberi Judul Stuck. Lagu ciptaan NSG, Jonah Sithole dan Christo Edgar sendiri ini menjadi pembuka karya-karya musiknya di skena musik Indonesia. Christo Edgar siap membuat orang-orang berdecak kagum dengan talentanya.


Christo Edgar


Nutyas Surya Gumilang
Jonah Sithole
Christopher Edgar

Maria Felicia

MV Director
Michiko Mora Arnosia
Christopher Edgar

Camera Operator
Dyota Akyla Irrangga Yusuf
Dimas Pratama

Christopher Kenzi
Nutyas Surya Gumilang

Music Release Manager
Rio Aditomo

Graham Perkins (Open Door Artist)

NSG Music Recordings



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Cold Lyrics

Days gone by I’ve been thinking ‘bout your love
and how it never dies
even when the moon ain’t shining
Terrifies me ‘cause lately you’ve been quiet
Baby days gone by, days gone by

If you give me the chance yea we can go the distance (mmmh)
I see our stars align
Without you I’m half alive (I’m half alive yeah)
Baby listen for once, slow down with that persistence (aaah)
Thought you’re my ride or die
And I’ll be right by your side (By your side)

(Pre Hook)
But why you being so cold tell me why
Am I moving too fast tell me why
Try to loosen up a bit cause you’re so fine
Frowning kinda ain’t your style

Days gone by I’ve been thinking ‘bout your love
and how it never dies
even when the moon ain’t shining
Terrifies me ‘cause lately you’ve been quiet
Baby days gone by, days gone by

From our very first dance
Oh I’ve been asking questions (mmmh)
Like “are you really the one”
But fuck it cause you are my type (cold but you’re my type mmmh)
Oh you’re my addiction
Babe I ain’t lack of conviction
So come closer yeah you can come closer cause I don’t put no restrictions
You know I want you to be my lover
Not only for the gram but I want you forever

(Pre Hook)