Fangtatis & Boogiemen – Culture (Every Body Get Up)

Jakarta underground artist Fangtatis & Boogiemen are excited to announce the release of their new high-energy rap dance EDM track, “Culture.” This electrifying new song combines the artists’ signature underground sound with an infectious ethnic Indonesian vibe that is sure to get you moving.

Fangtatis & Boogiemen are known for their unique blend of genres and styles, and “Culture” is no exception. The track features pulsing beats, catchy hooks, and smooth rhymes that showcase the artists’ talent and passion for music. The song’s energetic and upbeat vibe is sure to get audiences everywhere dancing along.

“Culture” is the latest release from these rising stars of the Jakarta underground scene, and is sure to be a hit with fans of all genres. The track is available now on all major streaming platforms, so be sure to check it out and get ready to dance the night away to “Culture.”.


Fangtatis & Boogiemen are a powerful married couple in today’s generation of Hip-hop/Rap in Indonesia. Both are skilled and experienced rappers slash entertainers that, separately, have been around in the showbiz industry for more than a decade now. The pair, who are renowned for their outstanding stage presence and swag, got married during the pandemic in 2021 and have produced a song together as a gift for their wedding. Indonesian prolific music producer, Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG), has been eyeing on Fangtatis & Boogiemen and initally wanted to cook some music together to show off the couple’s full potential; Fangtatis fun and quirky character and Boogiemen swagger lyricism and attitude. After some discussions and studio sessions, both party were agree to collaborate together in this Fangtatis, Boogiemen & NSG project. This joint project combines NSG top notch music production with Fangtatis witty-and-yet-wild-girl-boss energy and Boogiemen strong rap delivery. This is an interesting project for Fangtatis & Boogiemen because in terms of music influences, both Fangtatis & Boogiemen are having their own vibes influenced by the place that they grew up on. Fangtatis grew up in San Francisco, Boogiemen from New York and even the producer, NSG, was spending his younger years in London. “This collaboration is gonna be fun! Despite our differences, we end up complete each other, feed off each other’s energy and I don’t think there’s anyone like us in the game when you put us together.”, Boogiemen added. Fangtatis also shared her opinion about the project, “Our energy are out of the roof. Boogiemen is a skilled rapper and I go off on stage doing what I want and more spontaneous but in fact we are still in sync. That’s crazy!”. So, get ready to feel Fangtatis & Boogiemen unbeatable energy in some tunes produced by NSG. It’s all about the attitude, raw and yet fun.


Title: CULTURE (Everybody Get Up)
Artist: Fangtatis & Boogiemen
Producer: Nutyas Surya Gumilang
Composer: Nutyas Surya Gumilang, Anatria Praptiasih, & Pradana Rizky Wardhana


Find Fangtatis on Instagram: Fangtatis | YouTube: Fangtatis | Spotify: Fangtatis | iTunes: Fangtatis
Find Boogiemen on Instagram: Boogiemen | YouTube: Boogiemen | Spotify: Boogiemen | iTunes: Boogiemen

CP: +44-7379-085946


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Culture (Every Body Get Up) lyrics

Everybody get up on yo feet and let em know we wont stop
Everybody get up on yo feet and let em know we cant stop

Drop the beat and make it real slow
Cmon now take it down low
Drop the heat and lemme see you flow
Take it easy dont let it blow.. (yo mind)
Dont let it blow.. (yo mind~~)

Think you know me you betta think twice
Momma knows best lemme roll the dice
You can try all but the sauce hits different
queen of anger issues to the goddess of culture
Aint about that life but this eyes sees the future
Take a sit- imma let you be the watcher
Maybe one day you’ll need this lecture
C U L – T U R E


We do it for the peopleeeeee
East to west we all equals
Get up and let your feet gooo
Take it easy and let me blow yo mindd
Yea now Watch me blow your mind…

Done that done that
Now its time for me to run back run back
Aint a runnin back but the culture made me do it
An indo speakin music so fluent
Dna i’m sumatra
H – i – p H – o – p is my mantra
I’m here to take whats mine
Born wit it by design

We do it for the culture

We do it for the culture 4x

HOOK till end